Get Faster, Fuller Recovery from Athletic Training with a SportPump™ Compression Therapy System

Advanced compression therapy has long been a proven treatment for serious circulatory disorders. Now compression therapy is also ideal for athletes by delivering faster, fuller muscle recovery. Whether you are treating a minor injury or want to more effectively rejuvenate after exertion, SportPump is perfect for any runner, cyclist, swimmer, etc. looking for that training and performance edge.

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SportPump Now Available Without a Prescription!

SportPump is a potent therapeutic system that, until recently, was available only by prescription. Now getting this powerful recovery treatment is fast and easy! Find the specific recovery device right for you and order yours today!

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The SportPump sports recovery systems utilize compression sleeves in conjunction with a recovery pump to apply gentle, regulated pressure to muscles, tendons, ligaments and the circulatory system of arms and legs. This bio compressions system massages in a specific pattern in order to optimally speed the natural recovery process. In less than an hour, athletes can get the full benefit of circulatory and muscle recovery that in the past has taken afull 12 to 24 hours.

Our fully FDA-approved sports recovery systems provide medically proven results to relieve swelling, soreness and fatigue. More importantly, they also quickly and efficiently remove the metabolic waste (Lactic acid, carbon dioxide and other waste products) that builds up in muscles tendons, ligaments as well as veins and arteries during heavy exertion.

The pneumatic recovery pump and the compression sleeves made for the arms and legs are far more effective at active and fast recovery of muscles than the best massage. Athletes looking for cold therapy that works in conjunction with the compression therapy can utilize the SportPump Cryo Sleeves or insert the portable Cryo Gel Patches into their standard SportPump compression sleeves wherever they need cold relief the most.

SportPump sports recovery systems can be used at home or even on the road before or immediately following an event, so location is never a problem.The SportPump pneumatic recovery pump is highly efficient, easily adjustable, and portable so that you can get the muscle rejuvenation effects via two sleeves simultaneously for either arms or legs.

More and more of the world’s top athletes are beginning to utilize SportPump sports recovery systems to provide the muscle and circulatory recovery they need to compete at peak physical efficiency. As a leader in the compression therapy industry, SportPump™ provides a full line of sports recovery pump products.