About Us

Causa Research was formed in late 2012 with the objective to improve patients’ health by helping them develop better medication taking habits.


Improving Compliance

We are dedicated to increasing the use and effectiveness of treatments, benefiting patients, their health care providers, and the makers and providers of health care products and services.

We do this by offering consultative services to adherence stakeholders; providing a research-backed, multi-platform service that leverages patients' tendencies to be much more adherent in clinical trials than they are in clinical practice; and putting a human touch on the experience of taking medication.

Poor adherence to treatment is a major factor that limits patients’ treatment outcomes.

Many factors affect patients’ adherence, and critical factors at the foundation of adherence are largely overlooked.  By improving patients’ routine of taking medication, better treatment outcomes can be achieved.

Causa takes a multi-disciplinary approach to improving adherence, founded in Dr. Feldman’s in-the-trenches understanding of what it takes to get patients to use medication, complemented by behavioral and, just as importantly, social psychological understanding of the foundation of adherence behavior.  Causa studies have shown striking ability to move the needle on adherence behavior not seen with conventional approaches.

The methodology that Causa has incorporated in its platform was developed by Dr. Steve Feldman, beginning with his research studies into patients’ adherence to their topical (and later oral and injectable) treatments. Dr. Feldman has been honored with several of the highest awards from the American Academy of Dermatology, including an Astellas Award by the AAD in 2008 for scientific research that has improved public health in the field of dermatology.  He is the author of a series of articles on adherence for PM360: The Essential Resource for Pharma Marketers, and he is senior author of Practical Ways To Improve Patient Adherence.

Our Team

Robert E. Anderson


In addition to his work with Causa Research, Robert Anderson is also a consultant with Wake Forest School of Medicine. He obtained his MBA from Wake Forest University.

Mr. Anderson has also held executive-level positions in the financial, high-tech, and medical industries, with broad experience working with senior executives and cross-functional teams. His duties have included assessing potential strategic initiatives, investment opportunities, management of legal activities, direction of Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs, mergers and acquisitions, distribution agreements, vendor financial reviews, and joint ventures.

Steven R. Feldman, MD, PHD

Chief Science Officer

Dr. Steve Feldman is Professor of Dermatology, Pathology and Public Health Sciences at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine.

His research studies into patients’ adherence to topical treatments transformed how physicians understand and manipulate patients’ use of treatment for chronic skin diseases. He is rated the #3 expert in the world on patient compliance.

Dr. Feldman was the founder of DrScore.com, an online doctor rating/patient feedback website. He has authored over 800 peer-reviewed medical articles, has been a regular columnist for PM360 (the magazine for pharmaceutical marketers) and Consultant360 (the online journal for PCPs) on adherence. He is also the author of the books Compartments and Practical Ways to Improve Patients’ Treatment Outcomes.