FIG 01: Better Outcomes With Regular Reporting

Our research has shown that outcomes improve when patients are asked to self-report the status of their treatment using online surveys, providing an elegant, simple solution to the intractable problem of poor adherence.

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Our online survey platform improves patient adherence, which improves effectiveness of treatments, speeds recovery, saves lives and reduces the cost of medical care.

Is there a behavior you would like to change or a new habit you would like to establish? How about flossing or drinking eight glasses of water everyday? We can help you be accountable and keep you on track to reach your goal!

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We are so much more than a simple reminder system! Our team of experts has over 50 years of combined clinical and research experience, and have published more than 100 peer reviewed studies on adherence. Our specialists can help you:

  • establish targeted approaches to get patients to use medications as directed
  • create custom reporting products
  • develop approaches to consider when optimizing a program
  • evaluate services from vendors to be sure they are incorporating all the appropriate and available tools to optimize your interventions